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Recent Projects

Sound Design and post mixing for 90 minute PBS special “The Aleut Story,” written and directed by Marla Williams, for Sprocketheads LLC of Anchorage, AK; Original Score: Alan Koshiyama

Sound Design/mixing for short film “Dancing with You,” for Leap of Faith Productions. Writer/director: Corrie Moore . Original Score: Byron Hagan.

Sound Design/mix for short film, “The Listener,” shot on location in Ireland ; Writer/director: Michael Chang.

Production mixing on location for Reality TV Show, “The Home Team,” for Lenz-Works productions, Salt Lake City .  Air date TBA on A & E network.

Production mixing for feature film “Boy Culture,” shot on HD on location in Seattle . DP: Joshua Hess, Writer/Director: Q. Allan Brocka, Producers: S. Israel , Philip Pierce, & Victor Simpkins.

Field Expedition to Death Valley , and JPL Laboratories in Pasadena , for Media Arts, shooting for upcoming Jason Project’s Mars Expedition.  Shot on Digibeta; DP: Joe Pontecorvo, Director: Rebecca Kelley, Producer: Scott Munro.

Sound Design/post mixing for Media Arts  " Jason Project "The Disappearing Wetlands," a video program previewing the live expedition and broadcast in Louisiana's bayou and marshlands, scheduled for January 2005. Producer: Scott Munro, Writer: Rebecca Kelley, Original Score: Kevin Rolstad.