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Film Experience

"Rose Red" 2nd unit location mixer on location in Seattle, Dec. 2000.

"Happy Gilmore" ADR looping for Carl Weathers and Universal Studios.

"Little Buddha" Final v/o recording for 35mm feature film working directly with Bernardo Bertilucci.
Temp mixes for first rough cut presentation. Pietro Scalia, Editor.

"Midnight Run" ADR looping with Martin Breast directing Yafat Koto.

"Jungle Fever" ADR looping with Annabella Sciorra.

"Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" V/O recording Tom Robbins. Gus Van Sant, Director

"Joyful Partaking" Production mixing for 35mm feature film. Bill Moreing director, Kip Anderson D.P.

"Somewhere Else" Sound design/mix for feature length film, for Mick Alderman and 2001 Productions.

"This is the Disk-O- Boyz" -Sound design/mix for feature film - Morris Sims director.

"Expert Witness" Sound design for feature length film for filmmaker Shep Salusky.

"Steaming Milk" Production mixing on location and sound design for feature length film for independent filmmaker Rodney Rogers.

"Spree" ADR looping for feature film. Dream Entertainment. Russ Thompson, Director.

"Stigmata" Edit/mix and post-production sound mixing for feature film by independent filmmaker Kyle Bergersen.

"Quarry" Sound design for Lightspeed Productions short film. Brian Tanke, Director.

"Crossing the Rubicon" Foley, music and effect tracks for 35mm feature.

"That Night" 35mm film shot on location in Seattle for John Keister.

"Trust Me" Production mixing on location. 35mm feature film . Jeff Probst, Director/ Andreas Garreton DP.